Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Moving into silent mode

I've had a lot to do these past 5 months and those things include WEATNU and other things on the side. I will soon slip into silence mode and start writing more to the next album 'In the Scheme of Things' The mind must be clear and days must be at rest to do this. My absence is the only way to do this, expect this to happen at any moment. From time to time I will come back because this album is not going to happen over night, just as -ATD- took 9 months. Who's to say 'The Scheme of Things' won't take just as long, though I hope not. I do have goals but I better not say them here. My heart longs to write and that is just what must be done, no promises, no plans, only solitude. This timing now begins, it's like the harvest is coming and I must reap the music while I can.