Friday, July 1, 2016

A musicial pathway

A journey from one unique medium to the next has always been my method of music writing. I started writing ‘The Scheme of Things’ around Sept of 2014, a rest period after finishing  ATD in Apr of that year. This burst of inspiration began with Oracle during that time and released in 2014. Oracle being the pinnacle of ‘The Scheme of Things’ and coming back to youthful feelings, memories and emotions exploding on the screen as the video to the song displays, allowed its theme to continue. A full of life representation of what it means to write music from the heart. Could it have been any more perfect? Much like music before -ATD- I once found this pathway through Thought Patterns in ‘Documentary’ Form. Re-visiting for a moment a track from that title Blown Glass, where the warmth of sunshine and natural feelings explodes in full emotional array once again, creating unexplainable feelings that sink so deep, one is not able to contain themselves. Taking this same journey and longing to continue where I left off from the album Documentaries, The Scheme of Things brings me to another plain of musical existence. A place so pure and delicate that it’s like the fabric of space and time have stopped and placed me in a realm of warmth, and subduing the very reality that we live in. This is how music moves me, how it places me into worlds I cannot explain through words. It appears that this album has somehow forged two worlds together to create a genesis or something new. Leading into the music itself with depth such as U-235 A-Test, Oracle, Parashoots and its latest ‘Aura’ each song and memory come to life through not the creation from using instruments themselves but through the writing in the mind. An album that has been created from thinking alone, dreaming, sleeping and REM sleep. It must be possible that this album is coming from another place other than the normal side of Electronic music creation. The Scheme of Things is song writing itself and cannot or does not feel traditional to Electronic music. The form and void and shapeless method on this album is nothing like others before it. Each song has to be delivered in such a manner that it touches the deepest parts of me. And like every song and album, every song sounds different from the last. The album is at its midday and It does bring a little sadness to me knowing that before too long and as summer ends, I know this album will come to its completion. Much like other songs that will appear on it, such as The Sun was once yellow and Color Blue and many others. This has been a long and graceful journey through the memories of childhood, life experiences and life itself are coming from this album. It is like nothing I have ever created before and it will be the most memorable album I have done to date. I will feel almost alone once it is done but I will feel fulfilled upon knowing it has been released to the world.