Sunday, March 12, 2017

New season, new music.

With each season, new music is written and this year starts off with two so far. To continue in the tradition that I have come to enjoy, more material is yet to come. These start off with Budgie and Pinholes. Cinematic electronic music has become a real love for me as far as music creation is concerned. It's back to using raw sampling again to create new textures. Finding that timbre of sound and otherworldly element is what brings me deeper into the creative process. Jumping headlong into what sounds good emotionally is what I always enjoy doing. When you have a small audience, you need not try to please anyone but yourself. It's good to have so few who listen, but those who do listen, understand the depth of what is happening with these albums. Pinholes is a strange single that displays no malice to sound, but its dream-like reverse melody makes the song come to life as it continues to evolve up to the end of its fade out. Budgie puts you right in the jungle with its film-like motion. It's akin to past singles such as Wow-and-Flutter, but more flighty in motion, much like the bird sounds toward the end. I plan to continue down this new pathway of sound and more singles will indeed be coming forth, one such is slope. Until next time.