Friday, February 24, 2017

Song writing in Electronic form.

Being a song writer is part of the joy of making music. Before I began with electronic music, I was writing guitar music in the early 90s. Over the years a shift has occurred from album to album. 'The Scheme of Things' moved into the song writing element more than before. -ATD- was the approach of 'can I make a themed album that was influenced by the 80s and soundtracks. But with 'The Scheme of Things' it was an entirely different approach. "Let's see where this takes me", I said. Each song is crafted to compliment the next. I believe that song writing in Electronic form allows for an organic way of doing things. It's much like how the greatest of songs were written in the 70s and 80s. They put their entire soul into doing things in the studio. People have come to appreciate this style of music I release. To continue down that same path is only to make the next work more fulfilling. These days I no longer have a past endeavor that took nearly 2 years to do on my shoulders. I can breathe easy and let the music take me places. This song writing style has developed over the years and one song from 'The Scheme of Things' in particular would be 'Aura' that takes me there. There is some kind of R&B flavor happening here, perhaps it is due to what I grew up to, Hall and Oates, Soul music and now those things are once again coming back as childhood influences. Electronic music doesn't have to be 'cut and dry' it can be organic and it needs to be a free spirit, otherwise it cannot move into new progressions. The latest work in development is finding its way into the experimental realm/progressive mode. It appears that a new single is underway, and we're going back to the time of -ATD- motifs and moods.