Almark's music remains to be in it's own genre, he has been writing Electronic abstract music for over 14 years. The music continues to progress into newer sounds and ideas. With influences in EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, Ambient, and movies, he forms his sound into a textured hypnotic and nearly subconscious spectrum. The music has been regarded Avant-Garde but it's roots come from Electronic. What you hear is the heart of the musician, who comes from traditional ways of expression using only a MIDI Keyboard and DAW. The music can be explained as sounding, Industrial at times, EBM, Cinematic Ambient, usually beat-driven and sample-based, colorful, dark, melodic, textured, hypnotic, dream scape, Classical and finally Avant-Garde. His music experimentation began in 2000 after he purchased equipment from a friend, who also introduced him to 'Severed Heads' aka Tom Ellard. In the beginning he drew heavily from those influences, but continues to progress into newer territories of his own void-music or space.

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