Monday, April 17, 2017

The music changes

It started around Feb 2017, when I began writing another batch of material. After the long writing process of a studio album 'The Scheme of Things' I found new music being developed. This year is a completely different mindset on these songs. Different life, and no stress. Though various feelings and emotional troubles did get these songs started. Budgie came first, then Pinholes, Constellations, and finally travel. All of these songs are a balance between one another, as I'm moving into a more ambient-like progression. Cinematic is still taking a big part in the sound through. Budgie brings to life the sounds of the jungle, like listening to some Discovery channel nature show. Coming next was Pinholes, a very different approach from all pieces came forward, fragmented music, strange reverse like sounds. Then I released Constellations, which is the reverse of Pinholes. Around April I released Travel. The intent was completely separate from the other 3, using a real track of riding on a train, coupled with ambient-like over-tones and melodies, droning throughout, flowing with the natural rhythm of the clack of the tracks. Soon to begin other material such as Afterglow, Slope, Protection and North. These all mean something symbolically. Until next time.

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